More than Disc
the key to Unleashing your potential
Finally, A Scientific Way to Unlock Your Potential and Enjoy the Personal Growth You Crave Without Spending Thousands on Generic Seminars and Workshops.
Personalized: Receive a thorough behaviors and motivators report as unique as you are.

Empowered: Learn to capitalize on your natural strengths and motivations through a step-by-step debrief.

​Reliable: Ongoing and thorough research validates the assessments' results. 
Through YOUR personalized results you'll learn about your behaviors and motivators. In addition to increased self-awareness, you'll gain insight into how to make the most of your interactions with your team, coworkers, and family. With this knowledge you will be able to improve your relationships and take your leadership to the next level!
More Than DISC - Assessment and Debrief - $297
  • DISC Assessment: Thorough Assessment of Your Behaviors - HOW You Do Things
  • Driving Forces Assessment: A Deep Look at Your Motivators - WHY You Do What You Do
  • 90-Minute Debrief: Work with a Certified Behavior Analyst to Gain a Deep Understanding of Your Results, How to Maximize Your Strengths and Increase Awareness of Potential Blindspots to Minimize Conflict and Improve Communication.
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